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All About Ancient Future Jewelry and Art

Hi, Im Jasmin J. Purifoy ,Since I can remember I've always had a love and passion for creating Art. As a child I had a very vivid imagination .My first passion was drawing people with big heads, it's a  a quirk that I still use today in some of my paintings. I was often questioned about this at first but I soon released it was just a unique way of expressing how I see people. I would draw various pictures of Princesses, Fairies or anything the of fantasy realm. Especially Mermaids! Mermaids happen to be my favorite mystical creature and as a child I often daydreamed myself as a Mermaid. These daydreams soon become envisioned and personified in drawings, Canvases and even Sculptures. Most if not all of my paintings feature the theme of Love and Romance as well as mysticism. Since learning of my African Heritage I begun to channel some of the gifts the ancestors into my art as seen with my Harriet  Tubman Figurine and my Yamaha Painting.

I have painted my whole entire life and never did I have a clue that I also have a talent for making jewelry. My jewelry making journey started in 2015 it started with earrings and soon advanced to rings pendants and bracelets.

I have taken classes from different educational  institutions and gain a lot of insight over the years. However I will say that Art is what you make of it, It comes from the depths the spirit and soul and is brought fourth into this world as a message as an expression. That is how I see myself as an Artist. A Divine expression of what the Most Hight has placed inside of me to share with the World.





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